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Field restaurant, Prague - 2014

In 2015 Masker created a ceiling work for the newly opened restaurant Field located in Prague 1. The ceiling mural is based on the style of the restaurant in which it is designed. The theme - field, relating to farmland and crops extends through Masker’s blunt scythe constantly threatening to pierce the fluffy, detailed canopy of his drawings.

More about the project can be viewed here:

Beta Building, BB Centre Prague – 2013

Hospoda / Restaurant, New York City - 2011

Chateau Třebešice - 2008

For the Chateau Třebušice Masker painted a ceiling mural in the castle library in 2008. The historical interiors of the renaissance Chateau combined with contemporary design and art creates a unique environment.

Ceiling in Chateau Třebešice

14 DIY - 2008

In Graffiti We Trust - 2006

Mystic Conctructions - 2005


Zoo 1320 - 2006

Logo Brewery Matuška